• CHEON GI’s TM AUTO CLAMP has been

developed exclusively for the Injection

Molding Machines.

  • Since it is of fixed type, the Mold standard is required.
  • Since the level does not project after

unclamping, there is no interference while

exchanging Mold.

  • This type can be used without the T-slot.
  • CHEON GI’s Quick Die Change system is very reliable since it has been designed and developed trigeminally for high functional efficiency, economical efficiency and safety in die exchanging operation of your hydraulic and mechanical Press Machines. This system is applicable to machine tool processing field of automated machine as well as die exchange.


  • Functional efficiency

This system is constituted of various components that endure even is extreme conditions, such as high speed, vibration, high efficiency, the performance is not limited in any purposes.


  • Economical efficiency

The exchange time even for a large die is reduced due to its automatic exchanging type.
Furthermore, the uniform clamping force protects the die and improves the precision of the product.


  • Safety

Due to Non-Touch Clamp and the mechanical Lock Clamp design, a dangerous manual operation is not required and there is no danger of die falling. It also has the interacting safety control device.